Most Cellulite Creams Have These Active Ingredients

Six Active Ingredients to Fight Off Cellulites

Cellulite cream type products specializes in the removal of cellulites. Also known as the orange peel syndrome due to its appearance, cellulites have always been a major problem among women. Cellulites could be found in the pelvic and thigh areas, but some cases also showed that cellulites could also be found in the abdominal and arm areas. In removing such problems, an anti-cellulite cream such as the said product could be used as a treatment. Once the cellulites under your skin have been greatly reduced, this body cream also aims to give you firm, smooth, and toned skin. Such promises is to be achieved with the help of its six active ingredients, all of which have been specifically picked to make cellulite creams better, faster and more effective than other anti-cellulite creams.

  • The first active ingredient is called Glaucine. This specific ingredient is responsible for the preventing the buildup of fats, which could turn into cellulites. Due to its capability to prevent the turning of tissues into fats, it could effectively eliminate your worries of having lumpy skin again. How is this possible? Glaucine can block calcium from reaching the tissues that could turn into fats. Because of this, the said tissues would not turn into fats, but will instead mature into the healthier fibroblastic cells. Such capabilities allow the body cream to give you the firmer and smoother skin that you have always wanted.
  • Second active ingredient on the list is the Bupleurum Falcatum, which is an essential compound in the breakdown of fats. Lipolysis, or the breakdown of fats and lipids due to hydrolysis, is initiated by this chemical, and if completed, would turn the fatty buildups into energy that you can use. With this, you can also enjoy better-looking skin in no time.
  • Caffeine is the third active ingredient used by cellulite creams in helping you rid of the cellulites in your body. Although people have associated caffeine with other purposes, it has been found that it could also be an effective anti-cellulite ingredient thanks to theophylline. Theophylline found in caffeine is proven to be effective against cellulites, and could do more by combining it with other ingredients with anti-cellulite properties.
  • The fourth active ingredient in this body cream is the l-Carnitine. This ingredient will help in clearing out the lumpiness of your skin due to the cellulite. L-Carnitine is also involved in the process of breaking down fats for energy, and because of this, you can effectively eliminate the unwanted fatty buildup under your skin.
  • The fifth active ingredient is the Centella Asiatica extract, which is responsible for the maintenance of your skinís elasticity and firmness. It could achieve such since it directly acts on your skin cells, and blood flow, giving you better and smoother skin.
  • The last active ingredient is the elderberry extract, which prevent water retention by regulating the level of moisture in your skin. Water retention, combined with mature fat cells, could only result into the orange peel appearance of the cellulites. The inclusion of this ingredient in cellulite creams proves that it would not only eliminate cellulites, but would also prevent them from coming back.